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San Francisco’s Top-Rated Plumbing Company

Launched in 2011 by Alan Moran and Fergal McMahon, Flow Masters Plumbing has earned a reputation among contractors, architects, commercial and residential clients for the uncompromising quality of their work.

“We love challenges.”  —Alan Moran, co-owner

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Award-Winning Plumbing Solutions

Flow Masters applies the same high standards to fixing a leaky faucet or overflowing toilet as they do to designing and installing radiant heating or a boiler room.

Their work was awarded first and second place in a worldwide competition sponsored by Lochinvar®, a major boiler manufacturer. In 2020, Flow Masters was selected as designated plumbers for the prestigious San Francisco Decorator Showcase House.

Fergal McMahon (L) & Alan Moran (R)
Fergal McMahon (L) & Alan Moran (R)

Meet Fergal and Alan

The Flow Masters partners arrived in San Francisco from Ireland in the late '90s. Fergal had worked with his dad, a plumber, since he was a young lad. Alan learned the trade while working at a San Francisco plumbing company where the two met. Eventually, they decided to form their own company.

With a few good clients on board, Flow Masters Plumbing was off and running. Soon word spread about the partners’ commitment to delivering value, and the business grew exponentially. Flow Masters Plumbing is a member of several Bay Area plumbing associations. Fergal serves on the board of the SFPHCC (Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of San Francisco.)

Our Top-Rated Team

Fergal and Alan believe the best employee is the one you already have. That’s why they invest in training opportunities for their team. They regularly host manufacturer-led seminars and other continuing education. And, if any employee expresses an interest in a trade outside their normal tasks, the principals will help them explore any area they wish to pursue.

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