Are You Ready to Go 100 Percent Electric?

Join the movement to convert your San Francisco home to clean power. Electrifying your home (and getting off fossil fuels!) has never been so well managed, cost efficient, or significant.

We all should be doing our part to help reduce our reliance of fossil fuels not just for our environment but also for your wallets!

By opting to go electric in your home you are becoming part of the solution. In partnership with Quit Carbon, Flow Masters Plumbing will assist you in transitioning your homes equipment to electric.

For a homeowner who finds it challenging to update your most carbon-emitting appliances, we provide a plan of action that is specific to you. We not only take into account your key home and infrastructure needs—we're your expert advisors on the latest and greatest systems and equipment that also take full advantage of current discounts and subsidies.

Why Electrify?

Cost Savings

Contemporary electric appliances and heating systems are more energy efficient than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, offering lower energy bills.

Environmental Benefits

At its core, quitting carbon means eliminating devices that produce greenhouse gas emissions, reducing your family's carbon footprint, and contributing to a cleaner environment.


Eliminating sources of dangerous fumes or harmful pollutants improves indoor air quality and reduces the risk of fire.


Electric appliances and heating systems are easy to use and require less maintenance than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts.


Clean power systems can be powered by a variety of sources, including renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines, which can increase energy independence and resilience.


Systems based on electricity often have longer life spans than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, which can save money on replacement costs over time.

Get Started Today

Our role at Flow Masters Plumbing in this process is simple. We will come in and replace your San Francisco home’s heat pump and/or water heater with a new highly efficient electric version. To get this process started visit our partners Quit Carbon by clicking the button below.

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