When Do I Need to Replace My Pipes?

When Do I Need to Replace My Pipes? A person mopping up water from a leak.

As a responsible homeowner, knowing the signs and signals that the pipes in your Palo Alto, California, home need replacing is essential.

The pipes in your house are used daily and hidden from view, so they are easy to overlook and forget about. They might be out of sight, but those pipes need maintenance just like any other plumbing or HVAC system in your home.

Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Pipes

Scheduling a plumbing inspection with our team at Flow Masters Plumbing, Inc. will keep your system running efficiently. In the meantime, here are some clues that your pipes might be ready for replacement:

  1. Low Water Pressure
    Lack of water pressure is one of the leading indicators that your pipes need replacing. You may have minerals, dirt, or other debris clogging up the insides of your pipes. As your pipes age, you may also get leaks that cause low water pressure. It is important to keep your pipes as clear as possible, as frequent clogs can signify something more serious.
  • Leaky Pipes
    Leaky pipes are a fairly obvious sign of something wrong with your plumbing.  Signs of leaky pipes include soggy floors, foundation cracks, water meter changes, or a mildew smell. One leak doesn’t necessarily mean you need new plumbing, but frequent leaks could be a sign of an aging pipe system.
  • Water Bill/Meter Changes
    Pay attention to your water bill. If you see a change in the average usage of water from one month to the next, it may signal that your pipes are leaking and thus wasting water.

What Is the Process for Repiping My Palo Alto Home?

There are two materials to choose from for repiping. The industry staple has been copper for over 50 years; PEX or polyethylene cross-linked tubing is more common today. This type of tubing is flexible, easy to install, and can save you money.

Contact Flow Masters Plumbing, Inc. to determine if PEX or copper piping is right for you.

Every repiping job is different, from materials to labor costs. Our licensed California plumbers will start with inspecting your home and current pipe system. If you are repiping your whole house, it will require us to open your walls and sometimes your floors to access your plumbing.

The process includes:

  • Shutting off the water in your home
  • Excavation
  • Dismantling
  • and repiping

The size of the project will determine the cost and length of time of service.

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